Light. Camera. Information! [Informative Corporate Videos]

Would you bother watching a health and safety video that has attractive people and idyllic scenery, but no useful information? Maybe at first, sure, but you’ll soon start looking for something more interesting. The key to unlocking the potential of health and safety training videos in the workplace is making them informative and interesting!

How informative does it have to be?


In this case it should be highly informative! Health and safety is no small matter, so you need to make sure you provide all the necessary information. So, the first step is to do your research and work out what information is needed for your safety induction video, and for every video thereafter.

You have to keep it interesting


You’ll notice I split the health and safety video concept (above) into a safety induction video and various others which come after this. The whole idea behind this is to keep things interesting by splitting the information into separate themes and segments.


It’s all well and good to make a comprehensive video documenting all the safety requirements of your company and industry, but the simple fact is that there is only so much people can take in at a time. A water bottle is open to receive the water you pour into it, but if you put too much in it just spills. Memory and attention spans work in much the same way.


For the best results you’ll want a professional corporate video company to help you make several short, powerful videos. Each one should revolve around a specific topic or theme, ensuring that those who watch the video take in all the information, and that it sticks.


The fact that they only have to take in one aspect makes this that much easier for them. And that is the entire point, after all, right?

Get it done professionally


While it is true that even a child with a cell phone could record a safety induction video for you, you need a quality product. The best way to get a quality video put together is by hiring the services of a professional corporate video company. This is their profession and their passion, so who better to give you the best, most informative and interesting videos?


Contact a corporate video company today and give your business the benefit of the best possible health and safety videos.

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