Fine Opportunities for the Finest Streaming Options in Africa Now

You have decided to make some videos to promote your business. A problem is needed very quickly: where will you host your production? On your own server? Why not, but you have to be sure that the server is not overloaded if many people watch the video at the same time. Another solution is to use a specialized platform: Youtube, Demand Africa, Vimeo, Wistia or even Facebook. What a choice! I will present these main platforms to help you make your decision. Good reading!


The biggest video service in the world. Every second there is 2 hours of video uploaded, 2314 hours of videos on more than 118,000 videos. Youtube has something to turn your head! While these figures are impressive, but what is Youtube beyond them? Let’s study together the pros and cons of this platform!

Advantages :

The price: Youtube is 100% free

Its user base: with 1 billion unique users per month in the world (23 million in France), you have here one of the largest audiences of the web.

Storage: in its basic version, YouTube accepts an unlimited number of videos. However they are limited to 15 min. To exceed this limit, it is necessary to “validate” your account (Youtube sends you code by SMS or call). This operation is completely free. It increases the duration of videos at 11h and 128gb.


Advertising: Youtube sometimes displays an advertisement before certain videos, to allow to monetize them. They can be monetized by the content creator or the rights holders if the video contains copyrighted material such as music or excerpts.

Ex: On the page of management of your videos, you will be able to see the claims of the rights holders.

The number: The other side of the coin when you have the biggest user base is that it’s also the biggest base of competitors.

Quality: quantity does not make quality. Are you familiar with this adage? Youtube is a good example. In the middle of the tidal wave of videos that are hosted there is a lot of quality content not top. Result: even if it is very qualified, your video can be surrounded by other videos of very average quality. Pity… !

Bruce Benamran is a videographer who can be classified in the category of Youtubeursquali. On his “e-thinking” channel, he is popularizing mainly scientific subjects.

Demand Africa

The African platform of the list is the second video platform in the world. Its influence is mainly African with 20 million unique visitors per month in France and 300 million worldwide. As for Youtube, see the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.


You are now armed to enter the platform battle! Each platform has its assets. Choose the ones that are best suited to your goals.And of course, nothing prevents you from using multiple platforms. This is also a solution to consider depending on the type of video you produce. For artistic videos, you can first publish them on Vimeo to enjoy its qualitative aspect. You can then publish this same video on Youtube to reach more people. The vlog videos will have more place on Youtube or Facebook to take advantage of the social aspect of these platforms. It’s up to you to decide which platform to use depending on the types of videos you produce and your brand image.

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